Custom Rack Mount Enclosure Assembly

Electronic Enclosures Inc. (EEi) provides full rack mount chassis Box-Build systems. Its never enough just to provide the manufacture of the rack mount chassis or the wire harnesses. It’s about providing custom working systems, or as much of it as you wish. Yes, we begin with the manufacture of your chassis and can then progress to a full system build. Frequently this includes consigned materials, e.g. motherboards, backplanes or system boards.

  • Complete Rack Mount Chassis Fab.
  • Wire Harnesses per IPC/WHMA-A-620
  • Hot-Swap Drive & Fans Interposer PCBs
  • Hot-Swap Power Supply – Power Management (OR-ing) Boards
  • Front Panel Status and I/O Boards
  • Integration of Motherboards, Daughter or System Boards
  • Assembly and Integration of FRU Electronics Modules
  • Assembly and Integration of JBOD or RAID Disk Drives
  • Cooling Components/Systems Integration

EEI is organized for a high-mix box-build of custom rackmount chassis enclosures. EEi is your partner in systems manufacturing and simplifying your supply chain.

Electronic Enclosures Inc. (EEi) has decades of electromechanical design, manufacturing and build experience of rack mount enclosures.

Or, we can just provide build-to-print manufacturing.

Fault tolerance for performance-critical systems with critical FRUs such as redundant or N+1 hot-swap FRUs.

EEi provides a variety of rack mount system solutions, servers, switches, routers, RAID or JBOD streaming or data storage units and to include whatever your requirement may be. We provide this to industrial, commercial and telco electronics solution providers, network, medical imaging as well as aircraft and defense.

With our extensive electromechanical design-build and value-added or design-to-print manufacturing, EEi is your ideal partner to assist in solving challenging issues, be it design, manufacturing, thermal, certification or supply chain management.

rack mount enclosure assembly

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