Designing in Hot Swap Blowers
for Custom Rack Mount Systems

Rack mount chassis frequently need some form of force air convection cooling when they dissipate 25 watts or more. Blowers are sometimes used. Airflow devices like fans and blower are regarded as the lower MTBF item in system chassis. Blowers as FRUs are an option for high-performance and mission-critical applications. Electronic Enclosures, Inc. (EEi) designs in blowers beginning with 1U chassis and greater.

hot swap blowers rack mount

Typical fixed mounted blowers do require scheduled maintenance. If a blower fails then a shutdown maintenance is required to replace the blower. This may not be acceptable in crucial applications. Our hot-swap blowers may be the answer as they can be changed in a manner of 10 seconds allowing the system to continue in a constant power-up state.

Hot-swap blowers may be designed to dock directly with your system board or through an interposer board. Two, three, or four wire fans may be implemented giving your system board control and feedback on blower performance or failure. Blowers used in rack mount chassis are selected based on thermal dissipation performance requirements in addition to size, availability, voltage, watts, CFM, static pressure and noise.

rack mount blowers example

hot swap blower

Hot-swap blower modules, like our fan modules are produced specific to your rack mount chassis application to match your required electrical and thermal characteristics. The docking connector is configured to match the position and elevation of the mating connector on your system board or our interposer board.

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