Custom Plug-in Modules for
Rack Mount Systems

Along with your rack mount chassis, Electronic Enclosures Inc. (EEi) will design, fabricate and assemble all types of custom plug-in modules. These modules may be considered FRUs for upgrades, updates, configuration, etc. I/O, console, display, data are just a few of many potential alternatives. The options or possibilities are virtually limitless.

EEi will work with your engineers to establish mechanical configurative constraints to support concurrent engineering. While you design the electrical components/board, etc., EEi will design and produce the chassis components and assemble the finished module based on those constraints.

Example of upgrade FRU modules.
These FRU modules can provide a simple, cost-effective, and efficient way to allow customers to have an upgrade path that they can update themselves as their needs grow.

All modules are design to be self-guided for accurate docking every time.

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