Custom 3U Rackmount Chassis

We have many 3U rackmount chassis designs, each specific to common and not so common physical requirements.  We’ll ask about such things as overall thermal dissipation and at the component level to understand the thermal topology.  We’ll ask about clock speeds to plan for emissions and immunity compliance.  Questions like these will determine which chassis approach is best.   We’ll also ask what you need to go into this enclosure such as:

  • How many boards
  • What sticks out the front and rear
  • AC or DC input
  • Do you need redundant hot swap power supplies
  • Are there any externally removeable components requirements such as modules for disk drives, console, comm., battery backup, etc.
  • And a number of other questions

We don’t need to know what it does, just enough to know how to package it in an enclosure that will keep it cool, pass regulatory compliance and look amazing!

Once the basic questions are out of the way we can then choose the right design from our many 3U rackmount chassis just ready and waiting to be transformed.  We’ll start with a little stretching here, shrinking there, add PCB mounting, knock holes in the sides, add airflow compression, setup zones or other airflow steering, add whatever options modules are needed, paint it the right color and splash on your branding colors and Presto!