Custom Sheet Metal Production
of Rack Mount Chassis

Electronic Enclosures, Inc. (EEi) has always had a manufacturing design bias towards the best utilization of state-of-the-art CNC punching, forming and other secondary operations. All part production capabilities are under one roof.

rack mount sheet metal chassis

Our sheet metal rack mount chassis are punched on CNC turret presses providing tolerances that are extraordinarily close and non-cumulative.

Similarly when produced on the CNC laser the same non-cumulative tolerances are achieved. What we mean by non-cumulative is that the turrets achieve the same tolerance from one feature to another as it does from that feature to any other feature on the part. Tolerances do not stack up. Because our engineers thoroughly and properly understand the CNC machines available tooling and functionality, this has a very positive impact on the design process, production cost and repeatable quality. It can also be easily misinterpreted leading to production, increased cost and quality issues.

EEi additionally outsources finish, silk-screen and brazing. EEi provides a comprehensive variety of plating, painting (powder or wet), E-Coat and printing (e.g. silk-screening) options, each controlled by their associated industry or MIL specifications. EEi places the same level of importance on finish as fabricating your parts, because it’s the first thing your customer sees and touches.

CNC Machining on multi-axis machining centers results in similar quality and repeatability. Our rack mount enclosures utilize machined parts where necessary, such as extruded front panels. However, parts and assemblies that can be effectively designed to make the best use of CNC sheet metal production methods benefit from greater cost savings.

rack mount machining


Parts specifically designed for efficient CNC turret production yield the lowest repeatable production cost. However, for prototypes we may choose to run them on a different machine, CNC laser for example, to minimize setup time and costs for your prototypes.

rack mount sheet metal laser

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