Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies for
Custom Rack Mount Systems

Redundant hot-swap power supplies are part of a mission-critical system. Maybe you’ve selected a pair of Artesyn Embedded, Bel Power Solutions, Compuware Technology, Delta Electronics, Murata Power Solutions, Phihong USA or some other supplies. We will design and build your rack mount system chassis so the power supplies you choose dock first time, every time. Changeover of a failed supply can literally take 10 seconds.

Your supplies could be side-by-side in a 1U rack mount chassis or stacked in a 2U or higher chassis. You can have them on the right, the left, split, anyway you like.

System Interconnect

The elevation of hot-swap power supply connectors rarely if ever exactly match the elevation of system boards. So a direct connection is not generally possible. An interposer PC board can resolve this issue. Interposer boards can provide and OR-ing function (Diode, MOSFET, Controller IC). We modify the circuit to meet your requirements. Then, design the PC board for exact docking with your chosen PSUs. From the interposer docking PCB, interconnecting power distribution cable harnesses are design and included to meet the systems power distribution needs.

Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply Options

During the system development phase we typically are not provided a power requirement because their main board may still be at the schematic stage. When asked, we direct our customers to various power supply manufacturers.

Hot-Swap Power Supply Manufacturers

Manufacturer Input Watt Range Fits In Remarks
Artesyn Embedded Techonolgies AC
450w to 1,200w 1U, 2U & 3U Previously Emerson or Astec
Bel Power Solutions AC 300w to
1U &
Compuware Technology, Inc. AC
400w to
Delta Electronics, Inc. AC 350w to
Intel Corporation AC 1U
Murata Power Solutions AC
450w to
Phihong USA AC 500w to

You may frequently find them revered to as Front End power supplies. Some have adopted the Intel CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supply) specification. We do not represent any of these suppliers but do buy from them once we have a customer’s specification. We offer this table of suppliers as a convenience.

We have taken the lid off some of your 1U rack mount chassis reference designs so you may see examples of near ready to go chassis that will accept redundant hot swap power supplies. Also, take a look at what the finished results could be. Like most of our rack mount chassis and modules, we routinely do a little stretching and tweaking so the implementation exactly matches the supply you’ve chosen.

Whether it is a server, switch, data storage/retrieval system, medical unit, telco system, to a massive rack mount power supply systems, we cover all bases.

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