Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies
for Custom Rack Mount Systems

Redundant hot-swap power supplies are part of critical systems. Many rack mount products need redundant hot-swap power supplies in the lower watt ranges of 50-450 watts and often require specific voltages and current. Electronic Enclosures, Inc. (EEi) produces hot-swap power supplies to meet these requirements.

EEi takes advantage of the vast array of available COTS power supplies and adds the Or-ing necessary for redundancy. We supplement these supplies with the output voltages at the current you require. We have numerous options for output connectors, e.g., card edge, PowerBlade, Mini-Fit Jr., Mulitbeam, Positronic, etc. We can produce hot-swap power supplies with either AC or DC input. These supplies conform to 1U rack mount requirements or maybe stacked for 2U or greater chassis.

This gives you tremendous flexibility, preserves chassis depth, and rear panel real estate.

We will design and build your rack mount chassis so the power supplies dock first time, every time. Changeover of a failed supply can literally take 10 seconds or fewer.

System Integration

Redundant hot-swap power supplies can connect to your Motherboard, backplane, or through a power distribution interposer board. Or-ing can take place within the supply or externally on an interposer, backplane, or system motherboard.

Higher output hot-swap supplies have predefined output connectors at set positions. Interposer boards and distribution cables are frequently used because the output connector cannot mate directly with the systems’ boards. Our lower current supplies (50-450 watts) have much greater flexibility, often eliminating the interposer board and cables.

Hot-Swap Power Supply Manufacturers

When required current is at the higher watt range, we direct our customers to various power supply manufacturers who produce front-end supplies typical of server applications, often referred to a long-and-skinnies which penetrate deep into a chassis.

Manufacturer Input Watt
Fits In
Artesyn Embedded Techonolgies AC
450w to
1U, 2U &
Bel Power Solutions AC 300w to
1U &
Compuware Technology, Inc. AC
400w to
Delta Electronics, Inc. AC 350w to
Intel Corporation AC 1U
Murata Power Solutions AC
450w to
Zippy Technology Corp. AC
300w to
1U &
1U Stacked

Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply Options

Long & skinny vs. short & squatty

We will design and produce redundant hot-swap power supplies specific to your application. These typically range in the lower input AC or DC watt range of 50-450 watts with the output voltages you specify.

Our custom supplies provide a high level of flexibility in design and how it interfaces with the rest of your system. Our custom supplies frequently do not need an interposer board or cables to connect to your system boards. We have much greater options in how our power supplies connect to your system boards. Unlike standard front-end supplies, we offer many different connector types. Or-ing components may be designed within the power supply or on an external board or backplane.

Typical redundant hot-swap supplies may be referred to as long-and-skinnies. Our lower watt supplies may be referred to as short-and-squatty. This significantly reduces the depth penetration and required real estate in your chassis.

We have taken the lid off some of our 1U rack mount chassis reference designs so you may see examples that will accept redundant hot-swap power supplies.

These are a few examples where we’ve taken a reference design specific to hot-swap power supplies and turned them into a production product.

Whether it is a server, switch, data storage/retrieval system, medical unit, telco system, with low or high current requirements, we cover all bases.

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