Custom Rack Mount Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures Inc. (EEi) specializes in custom rack mount electronic enclosures for high-tech, high-performance, and mission-critical industries. As an OEM/ODM we provide custom design, manufacturing and system integrations across industries; commercial, industrial, and aero/defense.

Whether you need just rack mount enclosures or an integrated product, EEi is organized for high-mix of product designs and manufacturing.

Rack mount enclosure

Over the decades we have found that the vast majority of rack mount enclosures can fall into more than a dozen categories – with some exceptions. We have designed and documented these dozen-plus approaches – each having their own niche. These are referred to as reference designs. Many times, we can start with one of our reference designs when we’re engaged to develop your next rack mount product. Rack mount enclosures based off of one of our reference designs may be quickly stretched and tweak to size, add interior requirements, modules, FRUs, etc. and finalize front/rear appearance. We finish ahead of the game, ready for a CDR to review the enclosure design, PCBs and harnesses.

EEi manufactures your distinctively engineered system and delivers it tested, on time and with world-class quality. Even our prototypes look like prefect production.

When to Engage EEi

Of course we’d say “At the onset of your program” and with four very critical reasons.

  1. Thermal: Before you begin your PCB design, we can review the proposed overall system architecture and recommend placement of major heat dissipators and improvements to your overall electromechanical enclosure’s architecture for best performance of heat removal. This will improve reliability and reduced production costs.
  2. EMC: Connector placement recommendations by connector manufacturers are often incorrect for proper shield grounding to chassis. Again, before you begin your PCB design, we’ll make certain that doesn’t occur.
  3. Product Appearance and Human Factors: By working with your PCB designer at the onset we can assist in positioning I/O connectors, LEDs, etc., so that there is adequate space for front/rear panel legends, readability, font size printability, hand access and branding.
  4. Cost and Schedule: Early collaborating with your PCB designers allows both your designers and our electromechanical design team to work concurrently. Manufacture of your rack mount enclosure and supporting components, harnesses, etc., begins at a much earlier state.

When you engage EEi for an early collaborative effort, it eliminates the potential necessity for additional parts and labor that could have been otherwise avoided.

If you are already well into the design give us a call now. We’ll be happy to work with your team beginning at any stage.

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