Custom Rack Mount Chassis

Electronic Enclosures, Inc. (EEi) produces custom rack mount chassis with full or partial electronics integration for high-tech, high-performance and mission-critical applications. EEi produces system chassis for commercial, industrial, defense and other technologically driven industries. EEi provides engineering innovations, chassis production and system build integration that provides extraordinary product value. From our superior manufacturing prowess, EEi can demonstrate and quantify our amazing innovative ingenuity and integrated systems.
rack mount enclosure
Historic examples:
We have designed and produced numerous 1U rack mount 48 port copper and fiber systems. One exemplary customer was Fulcrum Micro Systems which led to others using Fulcrum’s technology. Fulcrum Micro was eventually acquired by Intel.We have been involved in numerous custom rack mount RAID systems. Historically, our first involvement was way back with Micropolis when full-height 5¼ drives were the best thing available. This obviously led to smaller rack mount enclosures as drive capacity increased and the footprint decreased.

Servers have been turned out as 1U to 4U rack mount enclosures in innumerable configurations as requirements have dictated.Aerospace is increasingly needing to compete by looking at COTS materials from commercial markets. EEi grew out of commercial electronics and are well versed at minimizing costs without sacrificing performance or quality. Defense companies are also looking to COTS component solutions. We have a considerable portfolio of already designed modules and reference design IP to minimize time-to-market, design cost and manufacturing costs.

As a custom rack mount system chassis manufacturer and integrator we can often take our existing IP, tweak and augment it to meet your specific requirements producing amazing results for your chassis or integrated system.
Electronic Enclosures, Inc. (EEi) is where you’ll find an unprecedented philosophy & approach to design for manufacturability of rack mount chassis that makes the difference in reducing time-to-market and costs while increasing repeatable system quality.

Even if your custom rack mount chassis is fully or mostly designed, EEi has the electromechanical design and manufacturing resources to manufacture your rack mount system chassis to print.

Faster to Market with Existing IP

We have developed rack mount chassis or subrack enclosures for decades and have refined chassis structures to a series of electromechanical architecture fundamentals for nearly all system requirements. Our modularized reference design process for new enclosures or chassis start in the middle and not at the very beginning. Faster outcomes through proven achievements.

Modularity Implementation

When you need flexibility in your rack mount system chassis, EEi field replaceable unit modularity provides as system upgrade flexibility or mission critical FRUs such as:

  • Hot-Swap Power Supplies
  • Hot-Swap Fans or Blowers
  • Hot-Swap Disk or Solid State Drives
  • Custom Plug-in Modules or Other FRUs

System Build & Integration

We can produce anything from the rack mount chassis to a fully integrated system. When producing enclosures, it may be any combination of chassis and electronic/electrical modules, wire harnesses and consigned components that you provide.

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