Customizable Rack Filler Panels

Rack mount Filler Panels are available in four different configurations.

  • EIA/ECA-310-E Compliant (EIA RS-310)
  • Mounts to Standard RETMA rails
  • Vented and Non-Vented Styles
  • Includes Rack Mounting Hardware
  • Standard Color: Black Powder Coat
    Alternate & Custom Colors are Available
  • Made in U.S.A.

18 gauge (.048 thick) steel panels have top & bottom flanges to add stiffness.

Height Venting Part Number
1U Solid 2000040-01
Square Perf. 2000041-01
2U Solid 2000043-01
Square Perf. 2000044-01
3U Solid 2000046-01
Square Perf. 2000047-01
4U Solid 2000049-01
Square Perf. 2000050-01
5U Solid 2000052-01
Square Perf. 2000053-01

.100 thick aluminum panels are flat.

Height Venting Part Number
1U Solid 2000111-01
Slots 2000112-01
2U Solid 2000113-01
Slots 2000114-01
3U Solid 2000115-01
Slots 2000116-01
4U Solid 2000117-01
Slots 2000118-01
5U Solid 2000119-01
Slots. 2000120-01

Our standard color is a fine textured semi-gloss black (-01). Call for alternate or custom colors.
Our rack mount shelves are made to order with an MOQ of 10 pieces and are customizable.

Custom features may include:

  • Alternate or Complete Custom Colors
  • Silk-screen Logo or Other Markings
rack mount chassis front panels

rack mount chassis flat front panels

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