Rack Mount Shelves & Trays

Rack mount shelves or tray come in multiple configurations and can be mounted either as an internal shelf or as a cantilevered external tray, i.e., protruding outward from the front or rear of the rack.

  • EIA/ECA-310-E Compliant (EIA RS-310)
  • Mounts to Standard RETMA rails
  • Multiple Cable Restraint Slots
  • Equipment Tie-down Slots
  • Vented and Non-Vented Styles
  • Includes Rack Mounting Hardware
  • Standard Color: Black Powder Coat
    Alternate & Custom Colors Available
  • Made in U.S.A.
Height Depth Front &
Rear Flanges
Venting Part Number
1U 6″ Flanges Up No 2000060-01
Yes 2000061-01
1U 6″ Hems Down No 2000062-01
Yes 2000063-01
1U 8″ Flanges Up No 2000064-01
Yes 2000065-01
1U 8″ Hems Down No 2000066-01
Yes 2000067-01
1U 10″ Flanges Up No 2000068-01
Yes 2000069-01
1U 10″ Hems Down No 2000070-01
Yes 2000071-01
2U 14″ Flanges Up No 2000072-01
Yes 2000073-01
12U 14″ Hems Down No 2000074-01
Yes 2000075-01
2U 16″ Flanges Up No 2000076-01
Yes 2000077-01
2U 16″ Hems Down No 2000078-01
Yes 2000079-01

Our standard color is a fine textured semi-gloss black (-01). Call for alternate or custom colors.
Our rack mount shelves are made to order with an MOQ of 10 pieces and are customizable.
Custom features may include:

  • Custom Depths and Heights
  • Custom Cable Restraint Locations
  • Custom Equipment Tie-down Features and Locations
  • Alternate or Complete Custom Colors
  • Silk-screen Logo or Other Markings
rack mount shelves and trays

Has flanges on front and read provide for greater weight with less deflection

rack mount trays with hems

Front and rear has a hem for clean edges but will deflect under greater load

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